Mexican raw wool fringed shawl / table runner / throw.


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Unique, size-free, raw wool fringed shawl. Can also be used as a table runner or throw. Hand-woven and embroidered with indigo-dyed wool using traditional reversible technique. Fringes are knotted by hand.
Made by Mexican craftswoman Agustina Tivido. This piece took her approximately 8-9 months to complete.

58cm wide x 220cm long (22.8″ wide x 86.6″ long)

Agustina Tivido is a skilled craftswoman from the mountain town of Hueyapan in Puebla state, México.

Her intricate pieces are all naturally-dyed, woven and embroidered by her in her home studio. The yarn is dyed using materials such as indigo, cochineal, walnuts and moss. After dyeing, the yarn is woven using the traditional backstrap loom. Finally, the pieces are sewn and meticulously embroidered.

A true labour of precision and patience, Agustina is proud to maintain and showcase the traditional textile techniques of her native Hueyapan.

Each garment is paid to Agustina according to the price she has set for her hard work.

Wash gently by hand with cold water and a mild soap. Lay flat to dry, away from direct sunlight.

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