Cochineal: The little insect from the Americas that changed the world

۞ The book I read is the catalogue from this exhibition. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the book is available for purchase any more.

۞ The insect that painted Europe red is a BBC article on said exhibition

۞ Cochineal Red: The Art History of a Color by Elena Phipps downloadable publication from a 2010 exhibition at the Met Museum

۞ Elena Phipps on Botanical Color’s Feedback Friday

۞ Nocheztlicalli: Ecological Museum of Cochineal and Nopal in Oaxaca, Mexico

۞ Canaturex is the company that still produces cochineal in the Canary Islands

۞ The portable mural I showed at the very end is called History of Dyestuff in Mexico by Raúl Anguiano (oil paint on canvas and wood, 1964) and it was commissioned by the Mexican Chemical Consortium, S.A.

۞ Cochineal is still widely used for food colouring, you’ve probably eaten it! Its name is E-120

۞ Shop naturally-dyed traditional garments by Agustina Tivido

I only now realise I called Elena Phipps “Elena Philipps“, I apologise.